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Ladies  Boxing Classes

Ladies Only  Boxing Classes in Surrey Fleetwood BC

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Ladies Only Boxing Class: Empower Yourself Through Proper Boxing Fundamentals and a Dynamic Workout

Our Ladies Only Boxing Class is not just about fitness; it's a unique opportunity to empower yourself through the art of boxing, all while learning and mastering the proper fundamentals of this dynamic sport. This class is exclusively designed for women who seek training that combines the thrill of boxing with effective training that builds strength, endurance, and self-confidence. This class is also home to the Mendoza Female Boxing Competition Team!

In the Ladies Only Boxing Class, we understand that the foundation of any successful boxing experience begins with mastering the proper fundamentals. Our class is dedicated to helping you build your boxing skills from the ground up, ensuring that you learn the right techniques while having a fantastic training session.

This class is open to women of all skill levels, including beginners. We welcome those who are new to boxing and eager to learn, as well as those with some prior experience who wish to refine their skills and knowledge.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing a welcoming and empowering environment where you can gain a solid understanding of boxing fundamentals, get a great workout, and achieve your fitness goals. We are here to support you on your journey to empowerment and self-improvement.

For those who aspire to become amateur competitors in the sport of boxing, our class offers the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and knowledge. Through Boxing BC registration, participants can work towards their goals as registered amateur athletes, taking steps toward competing in amateur boxing competitions.


Class Overview


Boxing Fundamentals

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the essential techniques of boxing, including proper stances, punches, footwork, and defensive maneuvers. We'll ensure that you get a strong foundation in the sport.


Dynamic Workout

While learning the fundamentals, you'll engage in a high-energy workout that combines cardio conditioning and strength training. This workout will challenge you, boost your fitness, and empower you to achieve your goals.


Self-Defense Techniques

In addition to boxing skills, you'll learn practical self-defense techniques that can enhance your self-confidence and safety in various situations.


Stress Relief

Boxing provides a healthy outlet for stress relief. Our class offers a supportive atmosphere where you can release stress, clear your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit.


Community and Camaraderie

Connect with like-minded women and build lasting friendships in a supportive and empowering environment. Together, we create a strong community that encourages and uplifts one another.


Sparring Techniques

Participants will learn and master sparring techniques and strategies, including offense, defense, counters, and ring control.



Develop an understanding of ring positioning, movement, and control to gain the upper hand during sparring sessions.


Adaptive Sparring

The class encourages participants to adapt their sparring style and strategy based on their opponent, ensuring a dynamic and challenging experience.


Ring Strategy

Gain insights into reading and reacting to your sparring partner's movements and intentions, enabling you to develop effective in-ring strategies.

Class Schedule

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Members can book through our online booking system

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