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Conditioning/ Bootcamp Classes

Conditioning and Bootcamp Boxing Classes in Surrey Fleetwood BC

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Boxing Bootcamp: The Ultimate Strength and Conditioning Program

Our Boxing Bootcamp is a high-intensity, strength, and conditioning program designed to push your physical limits and prepare you for the challenges of competitive boxing. This class is not only mandatory for all our competitors but is also open to non-competitors and adaptable to various fitness levels. It serves as the foundation for our Fight Preparation Conditioning class, equipping participants with the endurance, strength, and mental toughness needed to excel in the ring.

The Boxing Bootcamp is not for the faint of heart. It's an intensive training program that incorporates a variety of exercises and techniques to elevate your fitness levels and prepare you for the physical demands of boxing competition. Whether you're a competitor or simply looking for a challenging fitness experience, this class will push you to your limits.

The Boxing Bootcamp is open to participants of all fitness levels. Whether you're an experienced competitor or new to the world of boxing, our class can be adapted to your level. Our experienced trainers will guide and support you, ensuring that you get the most out of each session.

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Class Overview


Intreval Training

Our program incorporates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that includes bodyweight exercises and the use of various training equipment. This approach ensures that you build strength, power, and stamina.​


Cardio Conditioning

Improve your cardiovascular fitness through challenging cardio exercises and workouts, ensuring that you are in peak shape.


Strength Training

Participants will engage in strength-building exercises designed to enhance muscular endurance, agility, and overall physical resilience.


Mental Toughness

The Bootcamp fosters mental resilience, teaching you to push through barriers and achieve your fitness goals.

Class Schedule

Class Bookings Required
Members can book through our online booking system

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