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Beginner - Intermediate  Boxing Classes

Beginner - Intermediate  Boxing Classes in Surrey Fleetwood BC

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A Boxing Class For Adults that are Aspiring Competitors

Our Beginner-Intermediate Boxing Class is the perfect blend of foundational training for beginners and skill advancement for those who have taken their first steps in the world of boxing. This class is suitable for individuals that have ranked up from the beginner class, making it a welcoming environment for those looking to further enhance their skills.

In our Beginner-Intermediate Boxing Class, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that accommodates those who are ready to take their skills to the next level. We understand that everyone progresses at their own pace, and this class is designed to ensure that each participant gets the appropriate guidance and challenges.


Class Overview


Building on Basic Footwork

Beginner-.Intermediate participants will focus on advancing their footwork techniques, enabling more strategic movement in the ring.



Beginner-Intermediate members will expand their punch repertoire and work on advanced combinations, feints, and setups.



Beginner-Intermediate members will have the opportunity to master defensive techniques, ensuring they can protect themselves effectively during sparring and partner drills. This includes more advanced blocking, slipping, and countering.


Sparring Scenarios

Beginner-Intermediate members will begin with more contact sparring and sparring drills to build confidence, members will further develop their sparring skills with more advanced challenges.


Partner Drills and Bag Work

Both groups will participate in partner drills and bag work to refine their techniques, improve power and accuracy, and enhance overall boxing skills.

Class Schedule

Class Bookings Required
Members can book through our online booking system

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