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Mendoza Boxing Club

Get an Insight Into Mendoza Boxing Club

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About Us

A boxing club rooted in the philosophy of better living and healthy habits, Mendoza’s long history in their endeavors of various martial art forms makes them unique in their teaching methods. Head coach Oneal Mendoza, a former kickboxing welterweight champion and father of two, is dedicated to his purpose of making boxing not only incredibly accessible but mentally and physically revolutionary for Mendoza’s clients.

An outlet to express yourself away from your day to day life, boxing is more than a sport. At Mendoza, boxing has become a way of peace. With guidance and discipline, Mendoza has created a productive environment in which clients are introduced to a community embedded in the idea of harboring a better emotional state through physical activity. At Mendoza you are welcomed, accepted, and pushed to grow for your own betterment.

Meet The Team

Experienced. Dedicated. Passionate

Step into the world of the Mendoza Boxing Club, where a team of exceptional coaches stands as the backbone of a thriving community devoted to the art of boxing. Our coaching staff is a testament to dedication, experience, and an unwavering passion for the sport. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and a shared commitment to ensuring that every individual stepping into our gym receives an unparalleled and enriching experience.

Together, this diverse and dedicated team at Mendoza Boxing Club is more than a coaching staff; they are mentors, guides, and architects of dreams. With a shared passion for the sport and a commitment to the growth of every individual under their tutelage, the Mendoza Boxing Club team guarantees an unmatched experience, where the love for boxing meets the meticulous craft of coaching.

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