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Competitive/ Fighter's  Boxing Classes

Competitive and Fighters Boxing Classes in Surrey Fleetwood BC

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Competitor's Class (Adults Only): Reach Your Full Potential as a Boxing Competitor

Our Competitive/Fighter's Boxing Class is an exclusive and rigorous program designed for adults who are serious about their boxing aspirations. This class is reserved for Boxing BC registered athletes with a novice designation and higher, ensuring that participants are active competitors with at least 2 years of boxing training or approval from a Mendoza Coach. This class is the ultimate platform for those who are committed to advancing their competitive boxing careers.

The Competitor's Class is where champions are made. It's not just a regular class; it's an opportunity to take your boxing skills to the next level, engage in high-level sparring, and prepare for real competitions. This class is reserved for those who are dedicated to becoming the best in the sport.


Class Overview


Advanced Boxing Techniques

Participants in this class will focus on advanced boxing techniques, strategies, and tactics that are crucial for success as a competitive boxer.


Sparring and Fight Preparation

Engage in challenging sparring sessions that replicate the intensity of real competitions. This class is designed to prepare you for the ring both physically and mentally.


Ringcraft and Strategy

Develop your understanding of ringcraft, positioning, and effective strategies for outmaneuvering opponents.


Mental Toughness

Enhance your mental resilience, stress management, and concentration skills, all of which are essential for success as a competitive boxer.

Class Schedule

Class Bookings Required
Members can book through our online booking system

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